Wheel Centering Band



This strap is looped uround the down tube and wheel to keep the handlebars inline when taking measurements on a bike where the wheel is not centered.  It's also handy when doing maintenance or transporting to prevent the front wheel from flopping around.  


  • Molded non-marring strap 21" long x 3/4" wide ( 533 x 19 mm)


  • High durometer for increased stiffness
  • Tensioned loop length: From 4.7" to 19.5" (120 to 495 mm). For reference, the gravel bike shown (with large tire-to-down tube clearance but shallow rims) requires a 15.5" loop. A carbon road bike with 60 mm rims would have similar requirements.


  • Strap:Thermoplastic elastomer
  • Buckle: Nylon