VeloAngle Pro



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VeloAngle Pro was developed for bike shops, manufacturers, fitters, race teams and individual enthusiasts that desire the convenience of an integral high-quality Digi-Pas 180s digital inclinometer.

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VELOANGLE APP - PERSONAL : While an unlimited number of sessions can be run or printed, a limit of 6 can be saved.

VELOANGLE APP - UNLIMITED : An unlimited number of sessions can be run, printed and saved.


  • VeloAngle with inclinometer
  • Saddle Adapter assembly
  • Handlebar Adapter Assembly
  • BB/Crank Centers (small and large)
  • Engineered reusable packaging with organizer


  • VeloAngle measurement range: 648 – 1158 mm, resolution 1 mm
  • Saddle adapter measurement range: 100 – 300 mm, resolution 1 mm
  • Angle measurement range: +/- 90°, resolution 0.05°


  • Main Body: 5052 H32 Aluminum, brushed and clear anodized
  • Molded Housings: PC/ABS engineering thermoplastic and engineered thermoplastic elastomer for high impact resistance and molding accuracy
  • Molded Bushing and Shim: Acetal Copolymer for high creep resistance and low friction
  • Guide Tubes: 304 stainless steel tubing centerless ground to eliminate clearance with mating housings and ensure accurate measurements.
  • Measuring Scales: Both main and saddle adapter scales are laminated with a 3mm Lexan overlay for the ultimate in wear resistance.


Arch Design Works, LLC proudly offers all VeloAngle tools and accessories with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Details can be found in the footer link.


  • VeloAngle’s primary application is to define the relative position of the bottom bracket, saddle and handlebars. Other applications and usage tips will be continually updated (see News & Tips/Usage Tips)
  • Optional VeloAngle accessories further expand its capability (see Shop/Accessories).
  • The VeloAngleApp is valuable companion to document all measurements, provide visual comparison of the relative position of each setup and convert measurements between X-Y and Polar coordinates. A slide show and link to can be found on the home page


Measuring devices such as scales and inclinometers have inherently high accuracy, but when assembled into a product, that accuracy can be degraded significantly. To prevent this, each VeloAngle is individually calibrated. The VeloAngle length scale is applied with the reference bores secured in a precision jig (left photo). Each saddle adapter end stop is individually scribed with a reference line for scale placement (right photo).

During calibration VeloAngle is pinned through the reference bores into ground blocks set on a granite surface plate leveled to within 0.25 mm/m (0.003 in/ft). 

The following video is an example of the verification performed after final calibration. All readings must be within 0.1 degree of 0 and 90 deg. 

While having an inherently accurate device is important, in many applications the accuracy and repeatability of how the device is used creates the majority of measurement uncertainty. For example, the most accurate scale in world won’t produce repeatable saddle to bottom bracket measurement when the placement of each end of the scale is dependent on the user’s judgement. VeloAngle solves this problem with unique adapters that find the bottom bracket and handlebar centers and allows the user to select and repeatedly find the spot on the saddle surface they want base their measurements.

Engineered bike measurement tools tend to rely on bubble levels that require the bike to be level to assure accurate measurement. The VeloAngle Pro inclinometer is equipped with an Alt-Zero button that can establish an alternative zero plane. This is particularly useful when the bike is in a stand or set on any uneven or non-level surface.


The genesis for developing VeloAngle was the belief that both cycling enthusiasts and those in the industry would respond positively to a device that had a better combination price, accuracy and convenience. We were particularly focused on convenience, as we know how much it influences purchasing decisions. It has sold over 30 billion K cups, despite the user often paying $40/lb for the coffee contained in them. While VeloAngle is not as convenient as pulling out a tape measure, every effort has been made to minimize the convenience penalty associated with its accuracy. Some examples:

  • Retracts to 25.7” x 3.5” x 1.5” (653 x 89 x 38 mm)
  • Can be used on both the left and right side of the bike
  • Can be used upside down to gain better access
  • The tips of the nibs protruding from the end housings also contain flats aligned with the reference bores. These features permit the use of VeloAngle for taking “freehand” measurements of various features nearly as quickly as with a tape measure but with much greater accuracy.
  • The method of maintaining the alignment of the two telescoping tool sections was chosen in part because the central slot provided a convent means of aligning the tool with features like frame tubes, seat posts and seat clamps.
  • The straps on the Saddle Adapter and Handlebar Adapter are removable if the users decides they don’t want to utilize them or they purchase the optional fixed pin adapters that eliminate the need.
  • To provide convenient and efficient storage, the shipping inserts are reusable and engineered as an organizer to hold VeloAngle and all available accessories in the original 4” x 4” x 28” box.