Saddle/Stem/Handlebar Fit and Selection Charts



Ensures selection of compatible stem, saddle and seat post for new bikes or changes in position.

Greatly reduces the effort required to dial-in position changes to existing bike setups.

  • Each set contains 5 charts and detailed instructions
  • Sheets thermal laminated in durable 5 mil pouches
  • Ultra-fine point dry-erase marker included for notating charts
  • Guides for determining head and seat tube angles
  • Full coverage of frame and stem geometry


Implementing Fit or Equipment Changes on Current Bike

  • Determine the stem length and angle that will most closely match a recommended change in handlebar clamp or arm pad position.  Includes consideration of potential stem adjustment along the steerer tube and the effect of an associated change in saddle position.
  • Determine how much seat post and saddle movement is needed for a recommended change in saddle position.  Likewise document the change in X-Y for seat post or saddle adjustment.
  • Find the difference in handlebar location for a given stem. Can account for adjustment along the steerer tube.

For Aid in Selecting Components to Match Current Fit for New Bike with Different Geometry

  • Determine the impact of seat tube angle on fore-aft saddle position. Aids in confirming seat post/saddle clamp compatibility.
  • Determine the stem options to achieve desired fit.  Accounts for difference in frame stack/reach, head tube angle and stem adjustment along steerer tube.

Charts provide the visual comparison of competing options that generally isn't available with digital calculators.

Utilize charts for initial adjustment, then VeloAngle for confirmation and any final correction required.