Saddle-Handlebar Adapter



This adapter allows measurement of non-round handlebars, provides the option of measuring from saddle to handlebars, and increases the opportunity to measure other features such as TT bar extensions and armrest pads subject to clearance 


  • Saddle-handlebar adapter assembly
  • Thermoplastic vernier calipers for measurement of handlebar thickness (color may vary)


  • Engages the VeloAngle housing normally aligned with the crankset axis. See “Features and Use” tab for application details.
  • Calipers measure from 0-150 mm with 0.05 mm resolution. Includes a depth rod.


  • Adapter Housing: PC/ABS engineering thermoplastic. High impact resistance and molding accuracy.
  • Guide Pins: 303 stainless steel, centerless ground


VeloAngle's standard handlebar adapter is equipped with a vee feature that finds the center of standard 31.8 and 35.0 mm handlebars. These diameters are common to the vast majority of current bike setups. In pursuit of reduced aerodynamic drag, high end bikes are being introduced with elongated non-round bars that are not compatible with that standard adapter. In those applications this saddle-to-handle adapter is required to measure from the saddle to the handlebar top.

The adapter can also be used to measure the relationship between the saddle and other features on the bars or bar extensions subject to tool clearance.

The Saddle-Handlebar adapter engages VeloAngle in a manner unique to the other adapters. The adapter is inserted into the VeloAngle on the end normally aligned with the crank axis. Orienting VeloAngle with the nibs up as shown below provides better access to the adapter’s reference point.

Because the adapter’s measurement point is not at the crank axis bore, the reference point at the saddle must be adjusted for correct length measurement. With the VeloAngle housing in the “Saddle” position engage the Saddle Adapter tube in the elongated hole as shown below right. Pull the pull the Saddle-Handlebar Adapter forward to locate the handlebar top at its center (below left).

By measuring the depth of the handlebar at the measurement location the VeloAngle App will calculate the handlebar stack and reach to the bar's center. The calipers can be handy for other uses such as flat width for wrench selection, chain stretch, frame tire clearance, installed tire width, wheel width & depth, etc.


Like conventional measurement tools, the user must find the mid-point of the handlebar with this adapter. However, the unique features of the saddle adapter provide better repeatability and measurement flexibility at the saddle location.


The user choosing not to subscribe to the VeloAngleApp might find this adapter convenient if they want to know handlebar distance and drop from the saddle without calculating it themselves. The app calculates these values without measuring them directly based on saddle and handlebar measurements taken from the crank axis or pedal threads.