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VeloAngle doesn’t look like other bike measurement tools because it doesn't work like them.   Directly measuring the length and angle between two points is faster and more accurate.  Duplicating features like saddle and handlebar position from one bike to another depends on both an accurate tool and an ability to precisely locate the same point on both bikes.  Innovative custom adapters locate features of interest accurately and repeatably.

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Introduction to VeloAngle

Want a Closer Look?

The following slideshow details a sampling of VeloAngle's unique standard features. 

Yes, there is an App for that

To maximize VeloAngle's utility we developed a web-based app that documents all measurements and component descriptions, converts between X-Y and polar measurements and provides a visual comparison of the saddle, handlebar and bottom bracket locations on any number of saved sessions.

Following are llustrative screenshots from the VeloAngle App 

What Customers Think of VeloAngle

"Thanks for your reply and the e mail you sent as well. I am really loving having this tool. I've documented the fit of all my bikes now"
James H., Washington

"Many thanks for creating such an accurate and easy to use measuring device. I'll continue to tag and support VeloAngle in our social media posts."
Adrian Spinelli, Perth Bike Fit, 

“Thanks Dave for the update. Appreciate your courtesy and customer service. Glad to to business with you!!"
Harald S., New Zealand

“ VeloAngle has greatly improved our accuracy measuring and recording a cyclist’s position. Compared to traditional methods that rely on gravity and the accuracy of an individual’s sight line, VeloAngle is an absolute game changer. “
Brian McGuigan, Ciclo Sudore, Florida

“I purchased the VeloAngle Pro version this summer and I love it. Thanks!” 
Maxime V., Canada

“VeloAngle has made my life much easier. I use it to setup all my son’s (U23 pro) bikes and to match positioning for my bikes. It is the first time ever that I have had two bikes that I could not tell which bike I was on if I was sitting on the trainer blindfolded.”
Eric S, California

“I wanted to follow up. I finished my CAAD12 build and your product really helped with setup and fit as I originally expected. I admit I was intimidated at first once I opened up the package (excellent packaging BTW!). Brilliant idea and from one cyclist to another. I’m glad you invented it! Every cyclist needs this product.“
Tom H, Michigan

I've answered my own question by logging into the app, fantastic tool you have here!
Ian L, Florida

“Thanks for the speedy responses, Dave! I really enjoy working with the VeloAngle. Your product helps me save time and money.”
Herman U, Nevada

“VeloAngle absolutely exceeded my expectations terms of ease of use and the precision with which I'm able to replicate my contact points across bikes. One benefit of the tool that I didn't anticipate but enjoy, is it gives me much more freedom and confidence to test small changes in my bike position, knowing that with the VeloAngle I'll be able to easily revert to my former position. When I had a question, I got a prompt response from the company. I'm a very happy customer!“
Joshua S, California

“VeloAngle allows for a quick method of making and verifying required changes, like saddle height and stem length. I find the App that graphically displays the measurements to be very helpful, especially when comparing different bikes.“
Gary B, Michigan

“Lovely device and well thought out.”
Stephan B, United Kingdom