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Why VeloAngle?

VeloAngle doesn’t look like other bike measurement tools because it doesn't work like them.   Directly measuring the length and angle between two points is faster and more accurate.  Duplicating features like saddle and handlebar position from one bike to another depends on both an accurate tool and an ability to precisely locate the same point on both bikes.  Another VeloAngle innovation are custom adapters designed to locate features of interest accurately and repeatably.

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Introduction to VeloAngle

Want a Closer Look?

The following slideshow details a sampling of VeloAngle's unique standard features. 

Yes, there is an App for that

To maximize VeloAngle's utility we developed a web-based app that documents all measurements and component descriptions, converts between X-Y and polar measurements and provides a visual comparison of the saddle, handlebar and bottom bracket locations on any number of saved sessions. Illustrative screenshots from the VeloAngle App follow.

Printout of bike setup entered into the VeloAngle App

Get the details on how VeloAngle has re-defined bike measurement tools here.